About Us

Release aims to assist people to improve their quality of life by helping people to manage their money through budgeting and support them if they are in debt.

Release Financial Charity is an independent local charity, registered with the charity commission. It was originally established in 2005 under the name of Release (Financial) Charitable Trust for the benefit of the inhabitants of South Normanton, Pinxton and the surrounding areas. The objects of relief are:

1. the relief of poverty and unemployment for the benefit of the public by the provision of debt advice services, information and assistance in relation to debt and personal financial management.

2. the advancement of education in money matters and debt management

r – Releasing / Raising
e – Empowering
l – Living
e – Empowering
a – Aspiring / Addressing
s – Supporting / Sign-posting
e – Educating


Many thanks to our fabulous volunteers, staff, Trustees and partners who have helped so many local people be released from financial bondage and receive hope. This Award is an acknowledgement of their efforts.

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