Release offer packages of Budgeting training to companies delivering robust and inclusive Corporate Social Reponsibility to their team and their community. The benefits of a greater understanding of budgeting in the fight against poverty directly affecting the management of low incomes, health and wellbeing and social isolation can directly affect an employers bottom line.

From personal experience of working in a warehouse where staff were targeted by payday lenders and door step lenders around Christmas time the benefits for employers where budgeting courses are run will enhance productivity, lessen time off due to stress caused by the hidden money worries including debt and eviction and provide the long term support and investment in the development of your team.

Budgeting training builds long term financial resilience, understanding and discipline affecting peoples health, wellbeing and long term life styles and offers employers measurable CSR results.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for further details and costs

The course produces measurable results building a greater understanding of the benefits and effects of budgeting and helps your team to move into a volunteer position to offer sustainable on going support in your organisation.

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